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How does the process of any order work?

Although the ordering process of all services offered under Esentürk Design varies according to the type of order, the basic process is the same for all of them. You can take a look at the stages of the order process below.

  • Have a preliminary discussion – We recommend that you contact us in advance of your order to discuss the details of your intended work, the completion time required, the type and scope of delivery. This will help us to plan the process in the healthiest and most efficient way, and ensure that we complete your work within the range we promise you. You cannot request any demo work related to your order at the preliminary meeting. If you need a demo, you can take a look at our sample work and references.
  • Start your order – If you think you have provided all the information about your order, start your ordering process. The day and time of your confirmation also represents the start of the scheduled duration of the work. The estimated order completion time is based on this start time. Check here for payment steps.
  • Track your order – Follow your order via the tracking page or notification messages we provide to you regarding your order. We may need to get information from you when necessary for the continuity of the process, and your order may be completed sooner than planned with your quick response. Depending on the service you receive, in some cases a demo or order tracking area may not be available to you. This is usually the case for order times of a few days or hours.
  • Submit revisions to your order – Let us know what revisions (if any) you need to the version of your order that is available for your review. All order times with customization include a window for revisions. Therefore, despite your revision requests, your order will still be completed within the stipulated interval. Try to make your revision preferences right. Because in most of our services you have the right of revision.
  • Confirm your order – When you think everything about your order is complete, confirm that your order is complete.

Platforms for Executing Orders

You can execute your orders through 3 different platforms depending on your preference.

  1. via Esentürk Design – Start your orders by contacting us directly at www.esenturkdesign.com. Receive all notifications via email or Telegram.
  2. via R10.net – Start your orders via our R10 topic. Receive all notifications via private message or Telegram and Trade Rating your order. Preferably you can leave a comment about your experience in our related topic.
  3. via bionluk – Start your orders through bionluk. Receive all notifications through bionluk’s private correspondence channel. Share your experience at the end of the order via the review screen.
We have suspended our order requests through Fiverr for a while due to the work we are planning on the platform.

Payment Steps

Payment steps do not vary according to the services we offer. Some orders are paid before the order, while others are paid at the end of the order. For a complete list, please see the table below.

Hizmet Kategori Ödeme Zamanı
Özel Şablon Tasarımı Blogger Sonunda
Hazır Şablonlar Blogger Başında
Şablon Kurulumu Blogger Başında
Eklenti Kodlama Blogger Sonunda
SEO Optimizasyonu Analiz & Geliştirme Başında
Site Analizi Analiz & Geliştirme Başında
AdSense Yerleşimi Analiz & Geliştirme Sonunda
Analytics & Entegrasyon Analiz & Geliştirme Başında
Logo Tasarımı Tasarımlar Sonunda
Yayın Tasarımı Tasarımlar Sonunda
Sosyal Ağ Tasarımı Tasarımlar Başında
Afiş Tasarımı Tasarımlar Başında
Tema Kurulumu WordPress Başında
Eklenti Kurulumu WordPress Başında
Sayfa Tasarımı WordPress Başında
Teknik Destek WordPress Başında
Please see here for payment accounts.
Serdar Esentürk
Serdar Esentürk
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