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How to create a Blogger site?

Blogger is a free blogging platform that has been developed by Google for a long time. It is likely that many web-based developers have experimented with the Blogger infrastructure at some point in their coding experience. We have explained step by step what you need to do to create your own content on this platform, which is still actively preferred today. Let’s open your site first.

  • Go to Blogger and click “Sign In” at the top right.
  • Log in with your Google account on the redirected page. (You must have a Google account to use Blogger.)
  • When you create an account for the first time, you will automatically be presented with a blog creation window. If you have already tried to create a blog before, click “New Blog” from the menu at the top left to access this screen.
  • First, enter a name for your blog in the field under “Title“. This is a generic name that will also appear in search results and we do not recommend it to be too long.
  • After you have set the name, continue with the “Next” button and assign a web name (subdomain) to your blog on the screen that appears. Make this field unique, with no spaces, no Turkish or special characters, and no special characters.
  • When the name you specify is unique, you can see “This blog is available” under the input field. After you see this, click the “Save” button.
  • You are done creating a blog. The next steps should be to set up the basic settings for your blog. By completing additional steps such as date and time formats, permissions, invitations to additional authors, Google links (such as Analytics, Search Console, AdSense), sending the site map to the index, you can ensure that you are informed about the content you will create.
  • With the “Theme” section, you can use Blogger’s ready-made templates or upload a custom template to your blog. See: How to install a Blogger template?
Serdar Esentürk
Serdar Esentürk
Founder & author at Esenturk Design.

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