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NineStream Blogger Template

Although Blogger offers limited features, it is possible to create functional themes that can meet the needs when planned well. It can be seen as one of the first steps that especially those who are interested in code and those who aim to improve themselves while producing content can take. Over time, developers in the Blogger ecosystem have been able to create templates that are at least as good as those on alternative platforms. This is one of the reasons why Blogger is still preferred today.

Not only blog content, but also landing pages built with Blogger infrastructure, Q&A themes, forum pages, unplug content, calculation tools, movie and TV series themes, manga and anime sites.

Under the roof of Esenturk Design, only templates coded by us or adapted to the Blogger infrastructure are sold. In this direction, buyers can control the order process step by step through a tracking panel via the order number sent to them. Esenturk Design’s aim here is based on transparency. A clean and organized order process with no secret or encrypted codes, where all details are transferred to the buyer…

Sometimes, outside of the ordering process, we carry out some ‘trial runs’ at the request of buyers. These trial studies are carried out to test some of the features requested by the buyer before the order, to observe whether it will reach the targeted point and to minimize possible problems experienced during the order process. As Esenturk Design, we decided to publish these trial studies publicly … and yes, for free! Nevertheless, we recommend you to take a look at the following articles about trial runs:

  • Submission of trials is always free of charge.
  • Since these studies are used in a test environment, they may contain some bugs. When you want to create a project with the test file, you may need to fix existing bugs. We do not routinely provide technical support for these studies, but you can make the trial study error-free with a paid ordering process. You can contact us about order processes.
  • If the developer who owns the theme in trial works offers the existing theme for free, we do not sell this work for a fee under Esenturk Design.
  • Trial works on themes that have been published with a paid or premium version by the developer are made in line with buyer requests, but are not published publicly. Paid or premium themes require licensing and you can contact the developer directly for this.
  • Trial runs may not be as meticulous as the content of an order. Therefore, we do not recommend selling this file that we offer for free.
  • There is no term of use and no licensing for trials.
  • We do not create a theme documentation on how to use the trials. You can check the guide on the developer’s own source.

First Freebies File: NineStream Blogger Template (reDesign)

The “reDesign” tag is a symbolic labeling that represents that the experimental work has been redesigned differently from the original. We have taken over the visual design of the NineStream Blogger Template, which allows you to develop your blogger site with anime series content, with Esenturk Design touches. You can get the new design of this file, which is offered free of charge by the developer, for free by completing the steps below.

  • In the “Comments” section of this post, please send a message and your e-mail address to request the theme.
  • That’s it!
The trial file will be delivered within 24 hours (immediately if we are at the computer 😇) and will be sent only to the specified email address.

Screenshots of the template:

Serdar Esentürk
Serdar Esentürk
Founder & author at Esenturk Design.


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