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MIA Minimal Blogger Template has been designed to be simple and compatible with all Blogger v3 orientated features. This template includes half designs for static pages, posts, search and archive pages. It also includes a custom error screen and responsive design compatibility across the board. This template can be used by content creators, bloggers, virtual diarists or news outlets.

  • Template demo is here.
  • Template documentation is here.

Developer Note
MIA Minimal Blogger Theme As of 27 April 2023, we found that its licence was broken and a pirated version was released on an Indonesian-based forum site. In this direction, in order to prevent the spread with pirated script and to prevent fraud, we moved the theme to freebies resources under Esenturk Design as of 16 May 2023. The theme is free and sales channels are closed. We would like to thank everyone who supported the theme by purchasing it before.





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